Subhasree Patro

About me

I recently completed my PhD from QuSoft, CWI which is also known as the Algorithms and Complexity Group at CWI. I started two postdoc positions from April 1, 2023; one in the computer science and physics department at Utrecht University (Netherlands) with Hans Bodlaender and the other postdoc position at QuSoft with Stacey Jeffery. I am broadly interested in the area of quantum computational complexity theory. More specifically, in quantum fine-grained complexity. In addition to that, I am also interested in classical decision tree complexity and quantum query complexity of Boolean relations, and the connections between them. Here is the summary of my research.

I am also a mother of an adorable five-year old.

Name:Subhasree Patro
Affiliation:QuSoft, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, University of Amsterdam
Work address:L218, CWI
Science Park 123
1098 XG, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Email:patrofied at gmail dot com
Links:CV, Google Scholar, dblp


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